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Hi, I am Jayasty, marketer and writer. I have 7 years of experience in the marketing industry with expertise in Digital Marketing and Public Relations. I am the founder of (Health & Relationship blog) and (Digital Marketing). With a  passion for digital marketing, I provide Digital Marketing services to businesses of all sizes. 

Hey there! I am Jayasty from Delhi, India moved to Singapore. Welcome to my Digital Marketing space. I am a passionate Digital Marketer. I have been learning and implementing Digital Marketing since 2017 through one of my blogs and now that I have enough confidence in the skills that I have earned so far, I have ventured into the core digital marketing space with which is the digital version of Jayasty. 

This website has been designed by me using Elementor Pro. I write about Digital Marketing on this blog and provide Content Writing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing services to start ups and small businesses. I have served few clients on content writing, SEO (On-Page Optimization), and Social Media Marketing in the last year and will be expanding in other categories of Digital Marketing going forward which includes Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Link Building (Off-Page SEO), GMB Listing, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Automation and Website Designing (Elementor).

I started Digital Marketing as a personal blogger back in 2017 while figuring out the work that I am interested in. I always wondered what I should do, that could satisfy me and earn money as well. I hope this is what we all run for, but not everyone could make it. Patience is the only key and my passion for it drives me to be a Digital Marketer.

Having said that, Businesses can reach out to me from any part of the World for consultancy or services to grow their online presence (even if you haven’t started yet). I have served clients from India, United States, Singapore, Germany, Philippines, Australia, and targeting more. I will provide valuable integrated marketing strategies to improve your online presence and obtain your sales/conversions.

Not only that, if you are an early bird who wants to learn Digital Marketing, then you are at the right place. I will be blogging here about Digital Marketing from scratch and your feedback/suggestions are always welcome. Not only that, but I will also be reviewing affiliate products that can be of interest to you too. Your feedback/suggestions will be valued and will motivate me to blog more. Let’s add value around us and build a community of like-minded people


let's talk!

let's talk!