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I help B2B Businesses connect with their target audience by crafting compelling content | Content Writer | SEO | Content Marketer | Copywriter| Author – Digital Freelancing For Women At Home

I believe in being a lifelong learner

Experienced Integrated Digital Marketer

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I delved into digital marketing back in 2018 during my time in India and found it fascinating. In 2020, following my move to Singapore after getting married, I made the switch from Public Relations to Digital Marketing. Since then, I’ve been freelancing in this dynamic field.

Work Experience.

Over the last 4 years as a freelance digital marketer, I’ve worked with over 20 clients spanning the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, and India. My skill set encompasses content writing, SEO, content marketing, and copywriting.


Despite graduating with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I ventured into the marketing industry just a month after completing my studies in 2013. I never had a keen interest in pursuing a core engineering job, so I decided to go with the flow.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


Content Writing

I’ve written 400+ articles across industries namely Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance, Ed-Tech, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT Outsourcing, Travel, LinkedIn, Digital Marketing, GDPR, WordPress, Celebrity Weight loss and Skincare.



I have experience in handling numerous SEO projects, overseeing tasks such as On-Page Optimization, Technical SEO, and SEO Writing. These endeavors have been instrumental in enabling my clients to enhance website traffic and secure first-page rankings on Google search results.


Content Marketing

I’ve assisted my clients in generating diverse content and devising content marketing strategies for its strategic distribution across various platforms. These efforts have proven instrumental in boosting website traffic and achieving successful conversions.



I specialize in crafting compelling copy that has significantly contributed to the success of my clients’ online presence. Through my expertise in copywriting, I have successfully assisted numerous clients in optimizing their landing pages and other key website content to drive traffic and convert leads.

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